Madina Pipe

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  • MG Garden Hose Pipe

International Dekuan Bangladesh Com. Ltd (IDBCL) a sister concern of the Madina group. Which produces uPVC Pipe and Fittings and its brand name is ''MG'' that's means Madina. It started its journey in 2013. With a workforce of more than 3500 employees and a market share of more than 15%, IDBCL is dedicated to the growth of the Bangladeshi industry and is committed to the highest environmental standards for the betterment of the country’s future. IDBCL is focused on delivering the highest quality products using the best quality raw materials, fully automated and environment friendly technology, and widespread dealer network. The vision and ethos of the company are for continuous improvement in customer satisfaction a priority, Superior product quality, strong commitment to our customers and timely smooth delivery has contributed to the success of our growth. Our products are BSTI approved and tested by BUET, RUET, DUET and CUET. And improving our processes and procedures which are audited by BSI for our ISO certifications for ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management). IDBCL gives its customers a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace with the greatest capacity. As a result, various organizations (Government, None-Government, NGO, Real Estate) have put their confidence in MG. MG uPVC Pipe and Fittings has become an increasingly popular choice from the last decades in our country for making specialized equipment in the fields of drinking water, irrigation, domestic water supply, sanitation and so on. MG Is a leading manufacturer of plastic pipe systems and have pioneered many of the developments in production technology. The continuing development together with the introduction of the latest techniques and equipment ensures that MG products are produced by maintaining very high standards. Equipped with the best resources of technology and trained manpower MG is ready to serve the customers in the best possible manner.