In addition to contributing our knowledge to the long-term success of our clients, we believe in the value of initiatives that also sustain or contribute to social and environmental well-being.

Madina Group  is committed to supporting the communities in which it operates and charitable Organizations . As a group of companies, we also respect the social values and commitment to the nation. Madina Group employees have confirmed their desire for the company to be active in corporate social responsibility actions.

WE ARE MADINA GROUP , the leading business of the country. With more than 36 years of history of client support and responsiveness to changing business environments, we are active in construction and developments, plastics, food and logistics business with nationwide networks.

Whether through donations or volunteering, and driven by local business operations, Madina Group ’s CSR guidelines are based on following main areas of focus:

Health & Well-being

The food and cold storage industry is directly involved in the daily basic needs of society. Combating poverty, social exclusion and protecting health is a logical CSR focus.

Madina Group encourages its employees and business operations to focus on organizations and initiatives that :

  • Fight hunger and provide good food and secured shelter help society on a local level, or through nationwide programs in response to emergency appeals
  • Support healthcare projects and initiatives.

Financial literacy

The changing global economy confirms that it is more important than ever to be financially capable. We have expertise that helps our clients and could help society as a whole.

Madina Group  therefore encourages the exchange of knowledge and experience between its employees and society through volunteer-based programs that aim to:

  • Teach business and finance topics to dealers and technical person in a practical & true-to-life way.
  • Bring organizational methods, to selected entrepreneurs, helping them to work effectively & to secure their long-term future.

Environmental protection

Reducing the Group’s environmental footprint remains a central element of Madina Group  corporate responsibility policy.

Madina Group is a product and business facility-based organization. It has implemented internal guidelines and will continue to integrate standard processes at its offices that:

  • Are based on green principles and energy consumption best practices in daily office life
  • Integrate High Quality Environmental standards into new premises, factories and equipment selection, and in the organization of office spaces.

Equality & Diversity

As a responsible employer, Madina Group  continues to expand initiatives regarding:

- Gender equality

The proportion of Madina Group  female staffs has been rising for several years. The target is to have at least 30% of executive positions occupied by women by 2015.

- Anti-discrimination

Combating discrimination in all forms is a key priority of Madina Group’ human resources policy and code of conduct. Recruiting and promoting staff is based on employee skills.

The company policy on equality & diversity is a mandatory commitment for all concerns in which it operates.

Support to Distressed

Madina Group is involved in various social and charitable activities such as financial aid and distribution of relief goods to the poor, warm cloth distribution etc. We also sponsor some sport events.